i have 2 accounts

all of a sudden I logged in with my facebook account and I couldn't find any past entries and I was freaked out and I was sad

imagnine ifi linmked this account tomy facebook account and I lost my memories form 10 years ago

ive been feeling rather down latterly. plus I cant spell. lisateing to ummmmmmmmm
I know her name

jenis Joplin.


yeah....I really need to backup this live journal
I don't now what he solution is.


Originally posted by boilingmud at clubbing...yay!
went to ash's party. it was good.

went clubbing for the first time! i rate the clubs in toowoomba an average of 1 out of 10. they're crap! which is why im going to brisbane this weekend to go to the beat! YAY!!!

the only exciting thing htat happened was that i witnessed a fight in the street and the ambulance man came and i was really scared cos no one else was around.

the floor was all sticky in the TATS.

met up with angewa, meg and alan and josh (different josh. not josh D)

drank all night pretty much. came home at 1.30.

my computer is not playing up at the moment which is good. its only when im on MSN it plays up and freezes.

ms millar made everyone who didnt do their homework go and sit on the verandah. i was one one of those people. i guess i should do it tonight.

nothing else to say. farewell my pretties

sigh... a private entry

Hey Dan. How are you going? If you're reading this than you must be from the future. I hope you enjoy reading this entry cos it's an update :)

Listening to Nicolette Larson's say when album. Never forget the time you first heard this album and cried. It was at boundary street.

Not much has happened this year. Moved to Greenslopes in Feb and lived with Jason. Could have had Andy as a boyfriend but you two just kinda slipped away. It's ok though. I have a feeling I'm going to meet an amazing guy really soon.

Started a job at CostaLogistics last weekend. I really enjoyed it but unfortunately I didn't have enough warehouse experience. Such a shame because I feel it could have been a job you could have EASILY done. Oh well... It wasn't meant to be.

OMG...I'm thinking of spending my tax return this week. Thinking putting some blonde in my hair. Just for something different. I've lost a bit of weight as well. GOnna buy some biggest loser shakes. Be nice and thin for Anna's birthday.

Such a shame I haven't been writing in my LJ. I am going to try to write in this entry every day.

Friday night I went out and I ran in to a guy who was wearing the same shirt as me and he took a photo. How embarrasing. I bet I looked ugly.

Gonna fix my car this wednesday. I hope it doesn't cost too much. The transmission thingy is playing up.

Oh... and I worked for Charmers for a few months. They let me go because I didn't want to be there long term. I suck so much. It sucks. I have to stay positive and hope that I get an amazing job. Finished my IT degree yet I still feel dumb and unemployable.
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My first long weekend in Brisbane

Hello my pretties,
So much has happened this year. Moved here in March and got a job in the first 2 weeks issuing ballot papers for the state election.

Now im working in the port of brisbane as an admin assistant and it's ok.

went out friday ngiht with anna and we went to the beat. anna lost her ID but she went back ot the beat yesterday and someone had handed it in. yay!

work tomorrow and im drunk so i feel like doing something more productive so i'll go now.


Whoa.... it's been soo long :)

Hey everyone. I thought I'd just write in my journal. Nothing much has really changed. Been in hospital for a bit. My brain was going stupid. I just can't wait to get a job and start working hard again and doing some challenging database designing and developing. I'm also thinking of going back to Uni for a bit and doing another business course. How exciting of me.

I've been playing a lot of games on the wii with Anna as well. She's been in Toowoomba for a few days nows and so have I. Im still living in Brisbane but been spending a lot of time in Toowoomba. I think I just need to meet the right amazing people. Too hard to explain.

Anyways, that's a nice update on me and what's going on. Just listening to a bit of Nicolette Larson at the moment.

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Yay i have the mega rare album of nicolette larson

hey everyone....well when i say everyone i mean everyone who still reads my LJ. Today i got my Nicolette larson Shadows of Love album. the man who delivered it now knows that im a fan of nicolette larson. Im happy I have it but im also sad. Im still missing something from my life. oh yes... nicolette larson and linda ronstadt helps fill that void but i still dont fell 100%. i still miss matthew. i still get sad that we broke up and its been almost 2 years. i almost feel that i need to just move overseas and delete everyone from facebook and just start fresh but in saying that, i am still holding on to the past. i stuffed up and i can't move on. ill finish this stupid IT degree and then what?

sigh... I dont know....
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yay! im so drunk and unsuccessful right now

I write this journal feeling sad and unfulfilled. I have no passions. Ive been studying IT for 4 years now and I have enjoyed most of it yet i have no passion for IT. I have been looking for graduate jobs yet they all require experience. hello! did you expect me to study full time and while also gaining experience full time!

im at teh stage now where nothing makes me happy. i use to love drama. now I cant bare the thought of memorising lines. i use to love music. Now I cant play a musicial instrument or sing in tune. I have lost me. I'm so lost.

I have officially given up. I dont want to work. I cant be bothered doing anything. im poor. no motivation. I have offically fucked up my whole life.

to all of you who have accomplised your goals, I am so proud of you. You had the love, the motivation and the support from your friends and family that I never had.

Farewell and god bless.